Clove & Kin has been able to capture who we are as a couple...

“We are astonished at how well Clove & Kin has been able to capture who we are as a couple in such a short span of time knowing us. Their philosophy of photography really helped set the right mood for the wedding day – it set our anxiety at ease. They made us feel incredibly comfortable in front of the camera and allowed us to be ourselves.”

– Andrew & Stephanie

He was my partner in making sure this was the best day of my life...

“The thing I valued most of all was that our photographer really cared. He was more than a photographer, he was my partner in making sure this was the best day of my life. He prayed with me, slowed me down, and took the extra step to making sure it was a perfect day.”

– Harlan & Vanessa

We couldn't be more grateful...

“We hadn’t realized how important it would be to click (no pun intended) with our photographer on our wedding day. They’re EVERYWHERE and around everyone all day. We couldn’t be more grateful that she made me and my family feel as comfortable as she did.”

– Kate & Christian

He showed us how to stop & soak up the day…

“We could not have had better photographers for our wedding! On our wedding day, our photographer kept everything on track and even offered us much needed advice on how to stop and soak up the day. Everyone was kind and professional. And our wedding photos are TO DIE FOR!”

– Nico & Megan

If felt like we were catching up with old friends...

“After about five minutes of talking with them, we knew we met our perfect match. It may sound crazy, but it felt like we were catching up with old friends, and the fact that we entrusted them for our special day was just another plus.”

– Michael & Stella

The whole experience was seamless...

“The whole experience was seamless and we are so in love with our pictures of our special day! Lauren and Weston made us feel completely comfortable, and they were a total blast to have along!”

– Kristen & Patrick

They really made us feel special throughout the day...

“You can stop doing research now! You’ve found your wedding photographer! The pictures are absolutely stunning (I seriously cannot stop looking at them!), and not only was the Clove & Kin team easy to work with, but they really made us feel special throughout the day. Ou photographer was easy-going and gave me the sweetest first look pep-talk (that made me well up!). Clove & Kin were the icing on our cake.”

– Drew & Lauren

The images brought a flood of happy emotions to me!

“Thank you guys so much!!! I am honestly OBSESSED with the images – they brought a flood of happy emotions to me! What a great way to relive the day – you did an amazing job capturing the spirit of the wedding!”

– Brett & Melaine

The photos say it all!

“The photos say it all – they have a bright, happy style without looking overdone or too posed. Our photographer made us feel so comfortable – we forgot he was even there sometimes! I was so impressed by their professionalism and ease to work with. We HIGHLY recommend!”

– Jimmy & Jessica

They were super accommodating, organized, and responsive...

“Clove & Kin was fantastic to work with: they were super accommodating and listened to, and followed through on, all of our requests. Kelsey, the Studio Manager, is impeccably organized and responsive. Overall, we had a truly wonderful experience with Clove & Kin.”

– Tracy & Megan

Our photos totally capture the spirit of the wedding…

“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these photos! They are absolutely perfect. They totally capture the spirit of the evening and everyone looks SO HAPPY! I’m so excited to show them off!”

– Todd & Jacquelyn

Clove & Kin made everything SO EASY for us...

“Clove & Kin made everything SO EASY for us in coordinating what we wanted as far as photography. We will definitely continue to utilize this team to capture our milestone events in the future!”

– Herald & Stephanie

Our photographers made the day perfect…

“We LOVED our photographers. They made the day perfect and were exactly what we needed in terms of coaching – both emotionally and practically – and made sure all the photos were taken. And the photos are PERFECT!”

– David & Chanel

WOW - that is all I have to say…

“WOW – that is all i have to say. I don’t even have the words – I just love every single picture! Thank you so much for everything!

– David & Katie

Savor Your Day

Most couples remember a fraction of their wedding day – moments rush by so quickly that’s it over before you know it.

But we believe you can remember more than you ever thought possible. You just need someone to guide you through it.

Feel Like Yourself

Taking a photo of WHAT someone looks like is easy. But making a portrait of WHO someone is requires investment.

Our studio family frees up our photographers to do what they do best – learn your story, build a relationship, and make beautiful images.

Preserve Your Legacy

The world changes rapidly, but your legacy is timeless. Don’t let your wedding photos fall victim to the whims of technology.

Preserve them in a classic wedding album to relive your love story for generations to come.

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