We are a studio family that is owned and run by Erin Youngren, a luxury wedding photographer that has photographed weddings for nearly 20 years at destinations all over the US. 
This studio and the couples she gets to photograph are her heartbeat (along with her two little boys, James & Samuel). Side by side with fellow lead photographers, Weston & Jamie, they have photographed countless lovely and sentimental weddings all over Southern California for couples who believe tradition is beautiful (and bow ties should never be pre-tied).  

Together, we create a unique client experience that will help you enjoy and remember your entire wedding journey in a way that no other photography team can.
We’ve walked with so many couples through their unique engagement process that we know exactly when to step in, help you to pause and intentionally take in all of the magic that is happening around you. 

Because creating magic is what we do best.

A San Diego Wedding Photo & Video Team Who Celebrates Savoring




In 2012, Clove & Kin began out of a desire to serve couples with an authentic, intentional wedding day photography experience. From photographer to studio manager to editor - we all share the same heart for serving our couples well - and hold a deep gratitude to be part of a team that feels like family. 
We’re big believers in workdays that end in happy hours, stopping everything to greet each other with hugs (or double-high-fives), and kicking off every celebration with a toast to recognize the moment together.
Our hearts all beat to the same drum of love, care, and presence - and this heart of intentionality (and abounding hugs) is extended to our couples, too. 

Family is the heartbeat of our studio.


“They didn't just take us through the day, but helped us slow down and savor it. I could not be more grateful for their work and the kindness of the people who work there.”

San Diego, California

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Kimberly, ID


Erin is our resident all-things-weddings expert - she’s been living & breathing wedding photography for 17 years alongside her husband, Jeff. They’ve shot luxury weddings across the globe as The Youngrens, and began Clove & Kin out of a desire to help more couples to stop, savor, and fully experience every moment of their wedding days. 

Erin’s an introverted bookworm that grew up on a farm in Idaho. She lives for an epic dance party to old school 90's hip hop, and she adores riding horses through the backcountry. A snapshot of pure joy in her life is dancing in the kitchen with her sweet boys (and budding dance machines), James & Sammy.

Owner & Principle Photographer



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Twin Falls, ID


He’s a wine-lover and workout-enthusiast, a talented singer and biology-major-turned- photographer, and a city boy who loves the lakes and landscapes of the mountains. There are many sides of Weston (we love them ALL), and what’s at his core is his golden heart that beats for savoring life’s little moments.

Weston lives for photographing classic, romantic weddings, but for him it’s the unexpected tender moments that are his deepest honor to witness. You’ll feel like he’s been part of your family for years - and his intentional heart relishes in that special connection! Plus, if you ask reaaaal nicely, he might just become your photographer-slash-wedding-singer.

 Lead Photographer



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Batavia, IL


You’ll want to give Jamie a hug the moment you meet her - she’s a midwest girl at heart, and her warm spirit radiates like sunshine! She’s got an incredible knack for making her couples feel seen and celebrated through her presence and her images. The BEST moment of any wedding day (in her humble opinion) is the hand-in-hand thrill of the newlyweds turning towards their family, newly pronounced as “husband and wife.” It’s just the best!

Jamie married her very favorite person on the planet, and has four littles who keep her dancing, laughing, and perpetually grateful. Sometimes, it’s the simple things - if every morning could begin with a cozy chair, a good book, and soft light streaming through the window, she’d be the happiest person on the planet! 

 Lead Photographer




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New York City


Rebecca has a way of simply igniting life with adventure, spontaneity, and laughter. She’s a free-spirit who’s always up for hopping in the car with her rescue dog, Reina, turning up the tunes, and driving for hours on the long country roads. (She’s taken eleven cross-country roadtrips!)

As our lead videographer, Rebecca loves to make the little moments come alive, and she captures all of the emotion wrapped up in a wedding day in an intentional, authentic way. She’s focused on the positives in life and has a way of completely disarming anyone she’s with - she’ll have you laughing ‘til your sides hurt!

Lead Videographer



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San Diego, CA


Our resident foodie and peace sign aficionado, Kevin is someone who’ll win anyone over with his sense of humor and ability to find the perfect gif response in the groupchat. Most often found in the photo editing studio affectionately known as the Cave, you’ll always find him bumping to the newest music or a podcast that will have you cracking up laughing. Outside of the office, you’ll find him traversing the national parks of our country and exploring the wonders of the world (other than his talent with editing).

With wizard-like editing skills and ability to pick out the perfect highlight and blog images that show off our incredible clients, Kevin is the man behind the scenes that makes every image fit the Clove & Kin brand perfectly!  

When it comes to day to day together in the office, Kevin is the glue that holds us together– whether it’s helping Katie with images for the blog, Maria with turnarounds so fast we like to joke that he’s a secret time-traveler, or anyone else with anything they might need, we can’t say enough how lucky we are to have him!  

 Production Manager 


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Weston, MA


Our resident baker & studio manager, Katie wears many hats– and she wouldn’t have it any other way! Fueled by her mason jars of coffee that seemingly never run out, a good Spotify playlist, and at least one Door-Dashed meal per day, Katie loves getting to learn about and meet all of our clients (and not so secretly thinks it’s one of the best parts of the job).

An East Coast transplant to the area, Katie finally took the plunge to move to San Diego from Boston after years of visiting her boyfriend and dog– and wouldn’t trade her lazy Saturdays with those she loves, the incredible taco shops, or the garlic fries and aperol spritzes at Petco Park for the world. (Though she has yet to give up saying 'wicked' when emphasis is needed) When not in the studio, Katie loves a good historical documentary or book, besting her friends’ crossword times and Wordle scores, and exploring new things, whether they’re recipes or the newest exhibit at local museums. 

Studio Manager



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Ramona, CA


Nothing makes Taylor happier than a back country trail, an interesting brewery, or his beautiful family. Adventure runs through Taylor’s veins, and whether it’s sailing in the Channel Islands or climbing the backyard treehouse with his three sweet kiddos, he always takes a moment to slow down to stay completely present in the moment. 

Taylor has been photographing weddings for over almost two decades in a style that is incredibly natural. His couples go NUTS over his ability to make them feel relaxed and forget that his camera is there - because behind Taylor’s incredible eye for capturing a genuine moment is an even more incredible warm, wise spirit and oh-so-kind heart.

Lead Photographer


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San Diego, CA


While Jeff is the owner and fearless leader here at Clove & Kin, his most prized titles are “hubby” to his beautiful and crazy-smart wife, Erin, and “daddy” to James and baby-boy-on-the-way. Our team treasures his innovative and heartfelt leadership, his devotion to Aloha Fridays, and his ability to pick the best team dance-party tunes.

Jeff leads and mentors our team of talented photographers around here, and is constantly encouraging everyone to stop and smell the roses! 

Owner & Team Captain


We take any chance we can to get the family gathered around one table - and that includes our studio family. Dishes to pass, signature drinks to toast, and the buzz of a table full of love makes our hearts warm. 

are our love-language

family dinners



We’d choose a hardcover book any day of the week - there’s something satisfying about paging through it with our own hands. From moleskin journals to printed pictures at our desks, we believe in physical momentos to hold dear and pass along someday. 

and to hold

to have



Whether you just booked your wedding venue, or it’s a long-awaited date night, bubbles are our favorite way to celebrate! We’ve got bottles on reserve in our studio for whenever the moment might strike.

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It’s the scent of productive days editing in the studio, client meetings that feel like catching up with old friends, and cuddling up with a book when we’re back home. Our fave is Anthro’s Volcano candle! #ifyouknowyouknow

We're a sucker for them!

good candles.



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Your images are not just meant for today - they’re meant for thirty years from today. 
Someday, your kids or nieces and nephews will run around your home in a game of hide and seek, racing by your wedding photos hanging on the walls, and they’ll pause to gather around your wedding album, paging through the moments they weren’t there to witness for themselves.
It's because of these future moments that we create images that will live in your hearts today, but are printed and preserved for all of your next generation's tomorrows. 


the heart