As a pastor’s son, Weston moved around a lot during his growing up years. Born in San Luis Obispo in central California, his parents settled in the rural farm town of Twin Falls, Idaho. Though he spent ten years there, he considers himself a California boy through and through and came back to San Diego, where he instantly fell in love with the music and art scene.



Weston’s first happy place is on a stage performing, but his second happy place is hiking through nature. He may be a city boy, but there’s something breathtaking to him about a landscape untouched by human hands. 

“My favorite part of a wedding is the last moments with the bride and the groom before they see each other. It’s when they pause and realize that the months of planning, the years of dating, and the lifetime of experiences have all lead up to THIS moment. I feel so honored to have been invited into that moment, when those raw emotions come to the surface.”

– Weston