A born-and-raised San Diegan, Lauren uses her camera as an excuse to travel to the dusty corners of the world, eat great food, and meet good people. She’s a complete sucker for adventure – the more spontaneous, the better. If it’s climbing to the top of a mountain or an incredible view at the edge of a cliff, she’s IN.



When she’s not scoping panoramic views, she’s shooting humanitarian work around the world or weddings here at home. Lauren is super upbeat and outgoing, which means she’ll become your friend INSTANTLY. 

“Dessert is my abosolute favorite meal so if I were a dessert, I would pick…. option D – All of the Above! I would be a chocolate lava cake or stracciatella gelato or Greek yogurt with honey or Oeufs a la Neige at Mille Fleur in Rancho Santa Fe (but you have to give them a couple days). Maybe an authentic mochi from my secret store in Torrance, or anything lemon, or the rhubarb pie I just had at the Hotel del Coronado… It’s all too good!”

– Lauren