Walnut Grove Wedding | Kelly & Eli

Kelly & Eli are adventurers with brilliant minds and generous hearts. They love navigating their neighborhood almost as much as they thrive on helping others navigate their lives.

Their wedding at Walnut Grove overflowed with joy and laughter, and the details really reveal what makes Kelly & Eli so absolutely timeless. When the day began with Kelly and her girls giggling while getting ready, we new their day was going to be truly fun and from the heart. That moment when Eli saw his sweetie for the first time, you can see his breath taken away. It was so him to give her a spin and kiss her hand! Such a gentleman!

Kelly’s sleek gown with touches of lace was so perfectly her — modern and stylish but with a timeless, classic flair! Eli’s suit had the same spirit, nodding to the past with subtle details like his pocketwatch. Everything about this bridal party was refreshing, from the bridesmaids’ flowy seafoam green dresses to the groomsmen’s bowties and bold, brown suspenders. The gorgeous arrangements by Emblem Flowers were so summery, absolutely eye-catching against the cool creams and greens .

The day itself, designed expertly by Darrin Roberts, was filled with homey, hand-made details that are so personal to Kelly & Eli. The signs, the stationary, and the decor truly captured who Kelly & Eli are. It was so cute to see some of their favorite books on the tables at the reception, too!

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