Born and raised in Los Altos in Northern California, Jamie now calls San Diego home where she’s been shooting weddings since 2008. Her energetic and outgoing personality has made her a lot of friends over the years, and its rare to see her without a smile. In fact, she’s an active biker, and it’s not unusual to find her in her happy place – riding along the California coastline on her bike. Couples adore her positive and captivating personality, which allows Jamie to create the kind of natural, emotional, and sweet images that we adore here at Clove & Kin!

C&K: If you were a dessert, what would you be?

J: Talenti ice cream – smooth, rich, and I definitely melt when in the sun too long.

C&K: What is your favorite moment during a wedding day?

J: I’m a sucker for the tender moments – parents who proudly walk their children down the aisle, vows that pull at the heart strings, toasts flooded with sentimental memories and words of advice.  On the flip side, I love the high energy of a dance party when formalities are out of the way!