Palm Springs Wedding | Chanel & David

Chanel and David had spent hours under a crystal-clear sky of stars. They’d talked through their dreams for the future, they’d mapped out new adventures and reflected on the last few years of memories together. And next to a cozy beach bonfire, Dave proposed to Chanel and promised to love her forever, and she committed to love him right back.

Bonded by their shared faith, love for exploring, and enthusiasm for Young Life, Chanel and Dave’s relationship flourished, surrounded by a wonderful community of people rooting for them. They spent endless hours studying together in their college days, encouraging each other towards their careers, aaannd simply soaking up any minute they could to just BE together. ????

Their amazing community of guests gathered to celebrate Chanel and Dave’s Palm Spring Wedding at the stunning Thunderbird Country Club, where Chanel’s family has found as a sweet escape over the years. Cactus, palm trees, and desert flowers – oh my!! It was SO beautiful, and the setting was especially meaningful for this sweet bride.

We love that the bride and groom’s siblings took the lead in giving some AMAZING toasts – they were incredible! Chanel’s sister was hysterical and had put together a ‘survival kit’ in how to take care of his bride. It was a hit! Dave’s brothers, though they are older than him, really look up to David, and his brother gave a sweet, emotional toast that had the whole crew teary-eyed. So sweet!

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