La Jolla Engagement | Annette & Sergio

Each week, Sergio and Annette sit across from each other at a Starbucks table.

While sipping their drinks, they talk about life, they share their hearts, and they LAUGH. Oh my goodness – they laugh. It’s been their ritual for almost two years, and those conversations are what keep their relationship focused on faith, honesty, and good humor.

To anyone who meets Sergio and Annette, it is abundantly clear that they are joyfully in love. She’s from Venezuela, he’s from Panama, but they first met at church here in San Diego. Over ministry, culture, and (no surprise here) laughter, these two connected and fell in love. And those huge smiles say it all – they cannot WAIT to start their live together!

During their lovely La Jolla engagement session, Annette and Sergio were constantly cracking each other up, and it made for images just oozing with smiles! Neither of them is afraid to be a little goofy to get the other laughing, and that’s what we love about them. They give love unconditionally. They don’t take themselves too seriously. But most of all – they have hearts the size of the Pacific Ocean. Goodness, we’re gushing over their sweetness!

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