Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club Wedding | Jenn & Mack

We’ve always been struck by how quiet moments come to life around these two.

It began with their gorgeous Sunset Cliffs engagement session last fall where the sweeping views of the sea were stunning, the cliffs were gorgeous, and we could have spent days walking the winding paths with Jenn & Mack!

At Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club, these sweethearts were surrounded by friends and family, and the excitement grew with every passing moment. The portraits of Jenn and her girls before the ceremony were heartstoppingly lovely, and of course Mack and the guys looked so sharp in classic suits with suspenders and bow ties! The colorful summer roses of the boutonnières and bouquets took our breath away!

Mack’s a very traditional Midwestern guy, and it was really important to him and Jenn to not see each other before the ceremony. We love how they opted for a “First Touch” instead, taking the time out of the exciting day to pause, pray, and share their hearts with each other, just the two of them.

We’re absolutely head-over-heels in love with this lovely couple’s elegant wedding under the sun and their reception under the stars.

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