Green Gables Estate Wedding | Megan & Nico

It’s safe to say that Megan and Nico were struck by Cupid’s arrow.

After meeting in Archery class, they knew deep down that their hearts had been struck, but were a little shy to admit it. It took one of Megan’s good friends (who became a bridesmaid, of course!) to point it out and set them up. And as they say, the rest is history!

Megan and Nico are graceful, calm, and affectionate, and their Green Gables Estate wedding was beautifully infused with touches of their sweet story. Nico is an engineer who works with metals, so they incorporated plenty of silver into this wintry wonderland design, and his love for cars made an appearance in an awesome antique turquoise truck at the reception! Megan is an equestrian, so we loved the cake-toppers: a horse for her, and a car for him.

Our favorite personal touch was the collection of home-brewed beers, created by Nico himself. SO fun! And if his brewing abilities aren’t already cool enough, we love that each beer was given an archery-themed name as an ode to the way Nico and Megan met. It was too perfect!

But y’all. One of the most IN-CRED-IBLE moments, the toast-to-end-all-toasts, would be the mother of the bride’s epic rap for the bride and groom! No notes, perfect timing, and she didn’t miss a single beat. Beyond that, this mother-of-the-year handmade each centerpiece and decoration at this wedding, and her vision for an elegant winter wedding was executed perfectly!

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