As a pastor’s son, Weston moved around quite a bit during his childhood. Born in San Luis Obispo in central California, he moved to Oklahoma and then to Northern California before his parents settled in the rural farm town of Twin Falls, Idaho. Though he spent ten years in Idaho, he considers himself a California boy through and through and returned to his home state to settle in San Diego, where he instantly fell in love with the music and art scene. Having grown up as a performer, his first happy place is on a stage, but his second happy place is running or hiking through nature. He may be a self-proclaimed city boy, but there’s something breathtaking to him about a landscape untouched by human hands. Weston has been passionate about photography since he borrowed his dad’s camera in high school, and we LOVE his emotional heart and fresh style. We’re excited to feature him as a part of the Clove & Kin team!

C&K: If you were a dessert, what would you be?

W: I would hope to be a pizookie. Although a warm chocolate chip cookie with ice cream plopped on top might not be the fanciest dessert, it’s the perfect dessert to dig into with a group of friends. I seriously LOVE people, and I love anything that brings people together… like dessert… and weddings!

C&K: What is your favorite moment during a wedding day?

W: I always love photographing the wedding party because they have so much energy! But, I think my favorite part about the wedding day is the last few moments with the bride and the groom separately before they see each other. They finally pause and realize that the months of planning, the years of dating, and the lifetime of experiences have all lead up to THIS moment. It touches me to see the realization cross their faces and the raw emotions come to the surface. Every time, I feel honored to have been invited into that moment.


Wedding Highlights

Weston’s Wedding Highlights

Natalie & James

Point Loma, California

Megan & Ryan

San Pasqual, California